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today is April 7, 2017, the World Health Day, today in the history of what has happened, a look at the ~ 1954, the famous Hongkong actor Jackie Chan was born in Jackie Chan, born in April 7, 1954 in Hongkong District, Wuhu Province, Anhui province. China Hongkong actor, director, producer, screenwriter, choreographer, singer. In 1971 to enter the movie circle to master identity. 1976 starred in the action film "JingWuMen" in. 1978 starring action film "snake", "master" marks the beginning of Kung Fu comedy. "The 1980 action film directed the young master" won the Hongkong annual box office champion. An action comedy starring the "1985 summer break in Hongkong Fuxing" box office record. An action film directed by 1986 "Police Story" won the fifth Hongkong Film Awards for best film award. In 1991 as the drama "Ruan Lingyu" producer. The 1992 issue of his first Mandarin album "first". In 1993 with the "squad" gangster film won the thirtieth Taiwan Film Awards Best Actor award. Through the 1995 action film "the Bronx" into the Hollywood of the United states. In 1998 with the action movie "rush hour" for its status in Hollywood. An action comedy starring 2001 "rush hour 2" hit a Chinese actor starring in a Hollywood movie box office records. 2010 was the fifty-fourth Asia Pacific Film Festival Film outstanding achievement award. The United States in 2012 was named "New York Times" in the history jordan 3 katrina 2018 of the 20 greatest action star first". In 2013 with the action film "twelve year" won the thirty-second Hongkong Film Awards Best action design award. In 2016 won the Oscar Award for lifetime achievement award. Jackie Chan and Zhou Runfa, and Stephen Chow called the double on Monday. He is good at humorous style action comedy; as of 2017, the film starred in more than 20 billion yuan in total worldwide box office. The acting career, Jackie Chan enthusiastic about public welfare. 2004 served as UNICEF goodwill ambassador. Selected in 2006 "Forbes" magazine's "ten big charity star". 2013, the 2013 annual meeting of Boao forum for Asia held the opening ceremony The Boao forum for Asia ( English: Boao Forum for Asia, abbreviation: BFA), from 25 Asian countries and Australia launched in February 27, 2001 in Hainan province Qionghai City Wanquan estuary town of Boao held a conference, officially announced the establishment of. The forum for international organizations, non-profit, non official, regular addressing; for the government, enterprises and experts to provide an economic, social and environmental issues and other issues related to the high-level dialogue platform; Hainan Boao forum for the permanent location of the headquarters. Boao forum for Asia annual conference 2016 in March 22nd to 25 in Hainan held in Boao, the theme of "Asia's new future: new life and new vision". Vice Premier Zha Retro jordans for sale ng Gaoli of the State Council in March 25, 2017 will be invited to Chinese a 〉 from the University of North Carolina Jordan has a very strong feelings for his alma mater, so Jordan brand not only sponsored by the University of North Carolina, often launch the new color shoes. TarHeels UNC, the theme of the player version of shoes is white with blue sky design emerge in an endless stream, always can attract a lot of attention. today to see the new color again into the classic North Carolina blue as the ornament. Despite the absence of any TarHeels or UNC sign, but symbolic blue and white gradient shoe body plus trapeze signs this design for love, and love low-key friend, perhaps this pair of AirJordan31Low is a good choice. shoes is expected in May 26 on sale, priced at $160.Refreshing Nike Air Presto overseas has now shelves 2016-11-08 14:25:12 Nike classic Air Presto once again usher in a new dazzling color matching, especially for this function and future sense of full load of shoes replaced by enamel green color matching, shoes body plastic stent part more transparent. Finally, carrying white mid bottom, gives people fresh and refreshing aesthetic feeling. At present, the shoes are now overseas shelves, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. Nike LeBron 11 suspected full Star color matching latest physical pictures released 2014-02-24 21:01:14 Monday suspected air jordan 11 space jam for sale LeBron 11 All Star color appeared on the Internet for the first time, causing the attention of the majority of shoe fans. This time, Instagram on the outflow of more of this LeBron 11 real photos. We can see from the picture, the shoes shoes with white collocation navy blue, white also has bright luminous effect, not only a charming light in the dark environment, the shoe body will reveal the star irregular patterns revealed extremely mysterious feeling, in addition, shoe lining and insole also loading the abstract pattern decorate. Nike day before Sportswear announced its Air Force 1 Low Mini retro design Swoosh new color University Red". The new color selection uses eye-catching vivid vitality, red to create uppers, outsole and shoelaces, while white is dotted in the midsole and leather Swoosh on both sides, in stark contrast. Mini Swoosh uses embroidery process, compact and delicate. New Nike Air Force 1 Low Mini Swoosh "University Red", there is no formal date of sale, announced this season popular monochromatic tone unrest, not only did not reduce the momentum, Nike more take advantage of the pursuit of launch, and a full white shoes. This Nike Air Max 1 Premium to the white building, the last and the heel of individual to exquisite details sewed. this new Nike Air Max 1 Premium has been officially selected on the shelves of the global Nike select stores, including purchaze, cheap air jordans located in Aurich, germany. download (24.34 KB) download (21.14 KB)Flexible FLYKNIT vamp directly mounted on the new AIR shock system, NIKE AIR VAPORMAX not only subvert the traditional abandoned foam, using NIKE AIR as the midsole and outsole, more feet bring anti gravity light rebound wearing experience. This represents the history of the most lightweight flexible AIR MAX grand debut. For a change, never stop. item: 849558-004 AIR-VAPORMAX-PURE-PLATINUM-WHITE-MAIN.jpg (146.96 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air VaporMax officially released 2017-3-16 11:10 upload AIR-VAPORMAX-PURE-PLATINUM-WHITE-TOP.jpg (332.45 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air VaporMax officially released 2017-3-16 11:10 upload AIR-VAPORMAX-PURE-PLATINUM-WHITE-HEEL.jpg (96.64 KB, download number: 7) download Nike Air VaporMax officially released 2017-3-16 11:10 upload AIR-VAPORMAX-PURE-PLATINUM-WHITE-MEDIAL.jpg (135.84 KB, download number: 5) download Nike Air VaporMax officially released 2017-3-16 11:10 upload AIR-VAPORMAX-PURE-PLATINUM-WHITE-OUTSOLE.jpg (93.14 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air VaporMax officially released 2017-3-16 11:10 Nike VaporMax 00 Air upload."State supervision and inspection of product quality in Fujian province" 14, the Fujian Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau publicly announced the third quarter of our province's national supervision Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale and spot checks. In the third quarter, AQSIQ organized a national inspection and supervision of 201 enterprises and 223 kinds of products in 29 provinces, of which 155 products of 134 enterprises were qualified, and the batch rate of products was 69.5%. according to introduction, on the whole, our province this year was sampling products pass rate was two grade differentiation trend. The product qualified rate is 100% there are 10 types of products, products accounted for 34.48%, respectively, tissue paper, beverage, microcomputer, candy, cooked meat products, crayons, household and similar purposes, fruit (vegetable) juice, dried vegetables (dried), DVD player and other 10 categories of products. (Guo Pu), preserves the mosquito, infant formula, cereal foods, Rice noodles shoes, low-speed trucks, dried aquatic products, children's clothing, towels and other large edible fungus, 10 kinds of product quality problems, the qualified rate is less than 60%. The main quality problems of processed foods are: food additives, total bacteria and coliform bacteria are over standard, labels do not meet the standards, illegal use of toxic and harmful substances, sensory organs can not meet the requirements. The main quality problem of children's clothing is the disqualification of labels and ingredients. polyphonic recently, American fashion brand free people official release the January 2016 Lo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black okBook, obviously in the new season of the catalog is getting inspiration from classic film, such as from Diane Keaton starred in "Annie & middot; Hall" tomboy style to Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s movie retro style, but also from the "Thelma and Louise" the ultimate bad girl, everything is about movie fashion. The special invited Constance Jablonski and Ophelie Guillermand models common appearance endorsement. source: People Free[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] sporting goods industry is facing a crisis of the general decline in performance. Anta and Xtep latest results show that business orders for signs of a slowdown next year, Li Ning in the first half of this year net profit also fell by nearly 50%. However, Olympic sports brand recently released 2011 interim financial report has shown its turnover and gross profit compared to last year increased by 24.7% and 32.0% respectively. Peak Sport Products Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Olympic") chairman Xu Jing Nan said in an interview, Peak performance reason better than peers, because he was focused, like if Olympic counterparts, as do some real estate, maybe he it is difficult to escape the fate of declining performance. first half Outperform Reporter: Anta, Xtep, Li Ning, the latest reports have shown their orders and growth has been slowing down, Olympic mainly rely on to prop up growth levels higher than the peer ? Jingnan: Pi jordans on sale online ck growth mainly depends on three aspects: First, our same-store sales growth in the first half of our single-store business area over last year increased by 18.4%, single-store sales have more than 10% rise; the second is that we open new stores speed is still very strong in the first half we opened 395 new stores, completed half of the annual target, it also brings new store sales growth; Third, with the depth of brand marketing and promotion, international Olympic brand has been widely accepted, it may bring a premium product to Peak. Reporter: other sporting goods companies slow growth, the industry is not meant winter comes ? Xu Jing Nan: I do not think the sporting goods industry into the winter, it is still a sunrise industry. Sporting goods industry slowdown mainly for two reasons: one is because of the high inflation, people in the consumer even more cautious; the other is the off-season this year is the sports marketing years, no Olympics, no World Cup, major events such stimulation, so the whole industry performance is relatively stable, or slightly lower than in previous years, this is normal market performance. From the beginning of last year, raw material prices, especially cotton prices, so that sports brands have price increases, which will test the capacity of some brands. Brand highly, awareness is not enough, the impact may be relatively large, and some of the upward tr jordans on sale mens end of the brand, such as Pick, you can properly digest this premium, so that consumers gladly accept this fact. overseas sales soared Reporter: Olympic proportions were sold in the domestic market accounted for much of the total sales ? Xu Jing Nan: Currently, Olympic products have been sold to Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and so on five continents over 70 countries and regions. The first half of 2011, overseas sales rose Pick of 20.2%, has accounted for 10.3% of total sales revenue Peak, our strategic goal is to influence the global market through the US market. from entering Europe, NBA moment, we'll position themselves in an international sports brand, for which we do a lot of things. From sponsorship of Europe's top basketball All-Star Game, the global alliance best basketball league NBA, signed Kidd, Shane Battier and other influential international players, we step by step, in the international market has left Olympic figure. In June, the International Olympic marketing to upgrade again, the official from the FIBA ??"Asian partners" upgrade "global strategic partnership", which is meant to include "World Basketball Championship," "World Youth Basketball Championship for men and women", "Olympic basketball" and other substantial gold resource advantages. Thus, in basketball, the NBA and FIBA ??Olympic occupy the top two resources. Reporter:? Pick in the process of g cheap foamposites lobalization, with Nike, Adidas sports giants such conflict is not also exacerbated Jingnan: For example, we previously only pick some of Nike, Adidas despise players cooperate, and now we have begun to compete with their top players, whether it is an All-Star Jason Kidd, still a young rookie, we have sufficient strength and brand appeal to compete with rivals. Moreover, we have been looking for the next Yao Ming, the next Kobe Bryant, at the starting line with their rivalry. Pick incorporated a subsidiary in the United States, it will be the Olympic flag into the international market of the step. We plan to start the second half to shop in the US, with the overall US market Distribution, Pick will further enhance international market penetration, international revenue is expected to further improve. The United States has been put to use Peak research and design center, will offer Olympic attack the international market fit local market needs and product design. Reporter: From Made in China to Created in China, sporting goods companies need to strive to do what ? Jingnan: from manufacturing to create, in the final analysis is to grasp the international trend. Through these years of exploration in the NBA, in the field of international basketball, Olympic has changed imperceptibly. in the first half of this year, Olympic has been the company's R & D expenses doubling to 1% of the compa buy cheap jordans online ny's total turnover. Currently, the Olympic in Beijing, Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Los Angeles were opened four development studio. The studio hired a total of about 250 research and design professionals. leave enough cash risk prevention Reporter: At present, the global economic situation are still some uncertainties, we are afraid of the economic crisis come again, some manufacturers have cut production or shut down, how Peak current cash flow ? Jingnan: from newspaper you can see, we are holding 2.6 billion in cash, but there are 130 million yuan in the first half of the cash credit to be able to say that our development is very benign. Pick the Board believes the market outlook in the face of uncertainty, holding plenty of cash will be beneficial for the sudden changes in the market, to make timely and effective response. Reporter: For the second half of 2012 the market layout, Peak has a kind of intention ? Xu Jing Nan: I think that with the Chinese government to increase efforts to control inflation, China will further improve the mass consumer market, which will benefit the overall good to the sporting goods industry. Pick third quarter of 2011, orders the amount of growth in the fourth quarter and first quarter of 2012 has more than 20% growth. To ensure a stable supply of the second half of 2011, the Olympic schedule will invest about 80 million yuan for Hui'an County, Fujian Province and Jiangxi Province on the high county to continue to build two production bases. In addition, Heze City, Shandong Province is the production base construction plan has also been put on the agenda, the plan is expected to total investment will reach 10 billion yuan. As these plants put into operation, our product line will be more abundant, the product category will be more complete, this will enhance our respective market segments, the competitiveness of individual countries. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)Although flyknit shoe, dynamic fit shoes collar, Flywire fly line technology, and lightweight synthetic material blessings, will undoubtedly make the design of modern football shoe more light fitting, but vintage leather uppers unparalleled touch feeling, is the new technology can not match. Recently Nike has released a new series of "tech craft", the traditional kangaroo leather back Hypervenom, magista, mercurial and Tiempo four big football shoes type. & nbsp; was founded in 2009 American California socks brand stance has been in a unique and innovative socks to attract street culture enthusiasts, overwhelmed to launch summer anthem collection jointly issued recently by the popular album "dark sky paradise" rapper big Sean catalog shooting, continues to take root in the streets. To street artists as inspiration, to create a variety of outstanding socks, this series will be on sale in August 3rd, the favorite friends can pay close attention to the Stance official website to get the purchase information. (Editor: YOYO)Nike founder Phil · knight published the only autobiography "shoes dog" 2016-10-17 11:18:23 since the end of April this year, the sports circles have in the major social platforms in their "Shoe Dog". Star Lebron · James uses the myth, legend to describe the author of the book Phil · knight. At the end of September, the long-awaited "shoe dog" (Shoe Dog) Chinese version officially launched. Once listed, that ushered in a wave of buying climax, boarded the three major e-commerce books sales list. "shoes dog" is the first public and official Autobiography of Phil · knight. Phil · Nate started his journey around the world in 1962 after he graduated from Stanford University's business school. He was full of passion and found his way to life, and then moved forward without hesitation. He sees entrepreneurship as a way to leave traces of the world, and he says, "entrepreneurship is the only thing that makes other risks in life - marriage, wealth, status, that's more likely."." in this book, the 78 year old Phil · knight talks about his entrepreneurial history, his life experience, his family and career. He hopes to share the experience and share the ups and downs; hope, some young people can feel the same trials and tribulations to a certain extent, may be encouraged or comfort, or be alert; hope that some young entrepreneurs, athletes, artists or novelists can get motivation". Nike founder's only autobiography Phil · knight wrote "shoes dog" the original intention is to make their life a little regret. He believes that for Nike, only half of the fact that others can not say the essentials. He didn't want to tell anyone about Nike's success, but what he wanted to say was that they had a hard time, but they didn't stop. compared with the enterprises that have all kinds of wonderful experiences, Nike is basically the regular growth path, but also the way most of the enterprises will go. Nike just by virtue of a local market, imported products, sell the leading countries started; the creation, had a huge monster ruled the entire industry; capital never one day not to be nervous banks despise; early team advantages and disadvantages are very prominent, not too much experience; partners unpredictable, hike; flowers the great strength of R & D, self full of technical content of the heavy products but was refused to abandon the market...... the theme of dog shoes is not Nike's achievement, but how it wins. It's not Nike's history of success, twenty Nike's frustration history, Phil · Nate doesn't focus on it