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Egypt's resolutions 660 and 626 require that importers of leather must provide quality certificates issued by accredited international organisations. Cairo chamber of Commerce leather minister Sherif Yehia requirements will be scheduled to start execution at the beginning of March 660 and resolution 626 delayed to September 30th, to extend the deadline. Egypt's resolutions 660 and 626 require that importers of leather must provide quality certificates issued by accredited international organisations. Cairo chamber of Commerce leather minister Sherif Yehia requirements will be scheduled to start execution at the beginning of March 660 and resolution 626 delayed to September 30th, to extend the deadline. At the same time, he said, because importers from overseas import production parts for manufacturing purposes, and not for trade purposes. The Department has to the Egyptian trade minister Mahmoud · Issa submitted a report, requirements for production parts of No. 660 and No. 626 to delete the provisions of the resolution, the risk of the final product price from the price. Because product prices will have a direct impact on consumers, and exacerbate market depression. In the end, he expressed his support for resolution 660 and 626 because the two decisions were balanced by the interests of the industry and consumers. In recent years, the market is flooded with low-quality imported products, the two resolutions to limit imports of low quality products, but also to revitalize national industry in Egypt, but related to the production parts must be removed from the terms of the two resolutions. Source: Global Textile Network (editor's name: Qiu AI)Today NIKEiD Dunk High snake about on-line news that shoe fans excited mood.according adiads immediately announced the upcoming release of a serpentine element of the body covered with Tech Super, the shoe body is composed of two different lines of serpentine material to create a white h cheap air jordans air and collocation in the bottom details. The shoe is simple and full of texture. It is reported that this pair of adids Tech Super will soon officially in the stores listed, price: 1299RMB. 1392794882433.jpg (107.13 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-19 21:06 upload Super 00Although Reebok missed the NBA held in Toronto All-Star all star weekend, but Reebok for the event brought all star shoes to do note. The Reebok's signature shoes back still use Question as the design blueprint, in 2000 held in Oakland arena NBA all star Jersey Eastern inspired by yellow blue suede shoes leather collocation form, also equipped with white and black honeycomb bottom corrosion epicenter bottom, the outer bottom ending with blue crystal. Reebok-Question-unworn-All-Star-1.jpg (472.04 KB, download number: 5) download Reebok Question Unworn 2016-2-10 11:28 upload Reebok-Question-unworn-All-Star-2.jpg (550.81 KB, download number: 11) download Reebok Question Unworn 2016-2-10 11:28 upload Reebok-Question-unworn-All-Star-5.jpg (572 KB, download number: 8) download Reebok Question Unworn 2016-2-10 11:28 upload Reebok-Question-unworn-All-Star-6.jpg (529.33 KB, download number: 9) download Reebok Question Unworn 2016-2-10 11:28 upload Reebok-Question-unworn-All-Star-7.jpg (611.52 KB, download number: 14) download Reebok Question Unworn 2016-2-10 11:28 upload Reebok-Question-unworn-All-Star-10.jpg (495.8 KB, download number: 9) in the Olympic concept, China's national brand is showing a grand sitcom. Get the Olympic tickets sponsors since Needless to say, these old shoes and other industries ranked close rivals, from external to the same runway, for in the dominant position in the field. The day before, "CCTV 2008 Olympic program advertising resources that will be" to Quanzhou, as one of the four stations across the country, has attracted hundreds of Fujian enterprises enthusiasm to attend the meeting. get to Cheap foamposites for sale gether CCTV Olympic resources "for Olympic marketing, we intend to invest 2 hundred million."." XTEP (China) Co., Ltd. Ding Shuibo told reporters. In fact, before this, XTEP has been frequent attacks. The title "XTEP Olympic train", won the CCTV arena during the Olympic Games "express" exclusive naming rights, the "2008 Olympic final live patch set advertising", "peer" signed with the Torch Program patch ads, XTEP no small steps forward. "It's like every time you show up, you always move a stool and sit next to Li Jiacheng, and people think you have something to do with Li Jiacheng."." According to reports, Nike and Adidas ads will also appear in the CCTV live broadcast, when XTEP will compete with the two major international brands. day ago, CCTV on the Beijing Olympics delivery plan officially surfaced, will invest seven channels, all-round, multi angle coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games, the broadcast time will reach more than 3000 hours, the Athens Olympic Broadcasting time more than more than 2000 hours. Once because Jinjiang enterprises get together and is known as "Jinjiang channel" CCTV-5, once again feel the enthusiasm of the spring enterprise. In November 18, 2007, in addition to XTEP, from Fujian Rimula men successfully won the bid for the 2008 Olympic Games "CCTV broadcast advertising" plug suit, Septwolves won the highest degree of concern in July, August during the "news broadcast" after the advertisement period; in the new Olympic Games advertising resources, the whole chip CCTV the Beijing Olympic torch relay the program "and" torch counterparts become the highlight of 2008 Qipai marketing campaign. public welfare Olympics; at present, the competition for Olympic tickets for spring enterprises has become increasingly white. In addition to CCTV advertising, sponsorship of the national team, sponsorship of foreign Olympic delegations and so on, and the public interaction with the publ jordans on sale online ic, Olympic marketing has also appeared quietly. The day before, Shishi Saiqi Sports Goods Co., launched the "support of the Olympic Games, I love China" national million signature campaign. "We will start this activity at the more than 1000 terminals in the country. Before the Olympics, we should fully mobilize the patriotic enthusiasm of the people and cheer for the Beijing Olympic Games."." She said general manager Cai Jianlei)Eddie Peng's new endorsement of Adidas sports performance # let 2015-11-27 14:20:15 # movement into a hobby Adidas strength idol actor Eddie Peng, invited Eddie Peng to become the 2016 China sport performance new spokesperson. This time, Eddie Peng joined the Adidas movement to represent the big family, which profoundly explained the evolution process of his transformation from "sunshine boy" to "mature man". is defined as the "sports media actor" Eddie Peng, gymnastics, boxing, cycling all the endorsement of Adidas sports performance be nothing difficult, is a series of moments, which he said, "I am very happy to join the Adidas sports performance of this big family, I think this is one of my experience to different sports, sports has become a part of my life, I also hope that the sports spirit and attitude can influence more and more friends to join the ranks of sports." for movement into hobby; usually work as an actor, Eddie Peng is very busy, in addition to fly around, the night is also in order to keep the habit of exercising homely food, and he will use all sports in his spare time, even a short period of 15 or 30 minutes can be used, even after a meal to go for a walk, or walk a two hours are good sports. He also appealed to people to take sport as a hobby, just like drinking water every day. motion change the hearts of Eddie Peng said, shooting sports theme works every day in accordance with the needs of professional athletes to the requirements of training, training for a long t cheap jordans for sale ime, not only to enhance the external, their inner changed, learned to insist, can not give up easily. That's the real power of sport. desire is riding in Iceland; after filming "broken wind", the bicycle has become Eddie Peng's new love. Asked where is the most worth riding place, he admitted that most want to go to Iceland with my family to see the northern lights, in sightseeing while if can understand a local characteristics through running, riding style, different scenery and characters to see, is a kind of experience. NIKE KD 6 "Precision" is now added to the NIKEiD option 2013-12-08 23:58:50The use of "Precision " once in a number of shoe decorations NIKE KD 6 "Precision Timing" in "Precision", meaning "accurate", a similar design style in the rifle rifle, a symbol of Durant precise shot well with Durant's playing method. Now this radial pattern has been added to the NIKEiD option, which adds a lot of scope to your iD, so make a pair of NIKEiD KD 6 that belongs to you. 〉Download (145.12 KB) multi-faceted detailsNeighborhood updates their website and opens the NBHD online store. In September 11th, Neighborhood opened an online store to sell its sought after products.Beijing Masayuki Zheng Qingsheng, director of the Institute of Human mechanics has become a well-known "Challenger." ???? According to Beijing Science and Technology News reported, in an interview, the 39-year-old researcher wearing shoes with their patent leather shoes produced by the hands holding a thick, up to hundreds of pages of documentary evidence. "(Sue Nike) not for fame and wealth, I feel like opening on the runaway aircraft, initially just wanted to comparing a true, now is compelling." "All the evidence is very clear that it (Nike) is unscientific propaganda It is to deceive consumers. "???? Zheng Qingsheng opponent is world famous" shoe king "--- Nike. Its aim is to win the case in court it, in order to "tell the children and their par cheap air jordans ents, wearing Nike Air shoes, 'run faster', 'jump higher' nonsense." ???? world "shoe king" alleged "pseudo-scientific fraud", in China ???? 2005 sit in the dock at 8:30 am on May 20, the West Side Court hearing Zheng Qingsheng consumers sued Nike pseudo scientific fraud publicity case. Day of the trial, due to the temporary increase in court Zheng Qingsheng the claims of evidence charges, Nike also asked to extend the reply period. Ten minutes hearing the presiding judge adjourned the trial will be. The second trial is expected to be June 6 in the morning in 15 days. ???? alleged that such proceedings Nike encountered in China for the first time. The parties appearing before the company's comments on the case to the relatively low-key. Miss Yang Shuang assistant ???? Nike public relations manager in a media interview that the company Nike air cushion protection technology with confidence, millions around the world athletes wearing Nike Air shoes, cushion shoes function, comfort is Nike's most concerned about the issue, in cooperation with a number of experts for many years, rigorously tested. ???? Clearly, in the production and marketing of sports shoes, Nike is a winner. Some praise at any time can be found in everyday life. In an intercept against high school students visit, the reporter found that there are a considerable number of young people prefer the Nike brand, while more than 60% of workers believe that it represents a fashion. ???? Nike Air shoes in the minds of young people has a very high visibility and reputation, so that after the media commented, "the price of the thousand or so with a pair of Nike Air shoes, a favorite sport of many young people dream of." ???? why Nike rigorously tested in the "Science" into a lawsuit ???? "Nike Air shoes a lot of publicity can not afford the most basic scientific inquiry. Nike Air shoes around a lot of publicity is false, there is no scientific basis, while others are pseudo-scie Cheap air jordans for sale nce. However, many people, including children and adults, it is precisely in these propaganda and agitation in complete purchases. "Zheng Qingsheng said. ???? "I am engaged in the footwear study full 10 years, they would get some patents. According to my knowledge have shoes and human sciences, I find it difficult to understand Nike Air shoes blatant propaganda of specific functions, such as, 'run Faster ',' jump higher, '' but also help fly ';' is the best equipment of basketball, '' trapeze driving force ';' with perfect stability and traction '(actually a pair of shoes with traction? ) "According to reports, around September 2001, Zheng Qingsheng noticed Nike Air shoes massive publicity," There are a lot of questions, "" hopes for an explanation. " "Later, after my personal research, that claimed to have the world's R & D laboratories and many experts shoe, not the birth of an article published in mainstream scientific journals to introduce the scientific basis paper air-cushioned shoes." ???? Zheng Qingsheng told reporters, In the beginning of last year, he has three fax to Nike headquarters in China, trying to communicate questioned cushion shoe. Nike also said that attention, but since then no news. ???? Nike Air technology, "confident" ???? Zheng Qingsheng lawsuit against Nike sporting goods company to respond to media inquiries aspect recently in the form of e-mail. In reply, Miss Yang Shuang, public relations manager wrote: ???? "for Nike NIKE AIR (Nike Air shoes --- Editor's Note) buffer protection technology comfort sneakers confident performance, protection and wearer. NIKE primary consideration is the question .NIKE AIR to come out since 1979, through the use of technology in sports shoes NIKE AIR hundreds of millions of people, including professional athletes, college athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts and other athletes at all levels, involving many sports, including running, basketball, tennis and so on. ????NIKE AIR buffer protection technology is based on the world-class sports experts to work together years of research and testing have NIKE AIR cushioning protection technology is NIKE sports shoes Research Laboratory has undergone rigorous testing thousands of times, including analog motion scenes and laboratory testing to ensure its safety and functionality.. " (Tong light)0.jpg (45.29 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-6 14:31 upload 1.jpg (34.19 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-6 14:31 upload 2.jpg (31.72 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-6 14:31 Jordan Logo, upload the leather.0.jpg (111.04 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-21 upload at 20:31 1.jpg (121.69 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-21 upload at 20:31 2.jpg (174.24 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-21 upload at 20:31 3.jpg (171.82 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-21 upload at 20:31 4.jpg (214.12 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-21 upload classics at 20:31 group to participate in domestic and international footwear exhibition, actively respond to the EU's shoe anti-dumping, and strive to explore the international market, actively docking industrial transfer...... This series of moves to Bishan shoe industry an increasingly mature appearance to emerge in the western economic arena. Chongqing shoes delegation to participate in Shanghai Footwear Fair once a year the Chinese International Leather Fair on September 5th - 7 day held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the organizers Chinese Leather Association carefully nurtured for years, China International Leather Exhibition in scale, brand, service and so on several leaps, has become Chinese, leading China leather event. according to the director of Chinese western shoe shoes Bishan County Office Sun Hua introduction, the China western shoes exhibitors less than last year, but the shoes are far more than last year. Chongqing honghuoniao shoes, Chongqing shoes, Chongqing California and Yuhua shoe material, Chongqing hongtudi shoes five footwear enterprises with a newly designed more than 200 shoe group exhibition. Chongqing Red Flamingo brand is the fifth largest brand owned by AOKANG group, is Chinese western shoe's leading brand, the AOKANG group with the other four brands together exhibitors, this year to work overtime to design more than 50 new brands with Chinese western shoe in joint exhibition, jointly launched China western shoes of this brand. Chongqing Yuhua shoe material Co. Ltd. has just recently attended the Las Vegas shoe exhibition, harvest, in one fell swoop to sign hundreds of million orders, this is the western shoes in Chongqing province and even the shoe-making enterprises for the first time to participate in the international footwear exhibition. Sun Hua, director of Bishan County shoe office believes that since 2003, AOKANG group and Bishan County People's government to create Chinese western shoes, Bishan shoe enterprises to actively integrate into the competition, narrowing the gap between each other. At the same time, the footwear industry in the west of Bishan County China Expo Biennial of the local shoe-making enterprises emerge in the domestic market, Bishan shoe industry gradually boarded the stage of history, and successfully play its role. pointed out that the Western Development Office of the State Council Secretary Zhao Ai recently visited Bishan, the mode of operation of the west shoes are very successful, to vigorously promote the successful experience of Western shoe. Zhao Ai, director of Chinese western shoes in recent years fully affirmed the achievements. new Eastern shoe collective West &nbs)After seeing many shoes released in spring and summer new, ASICS also released its new GT-II summer classic shoes. This new shoe is a large area of navy blue suede crafted, purple mesh material collocation which constitute the shoe body, orange ASICS and Logo outline the lake blue lining, heel embellishment, make shoes is very chic. 1393A252FR10-61636.jpg (91.61 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-1 15:04 upload 1393A252T250-U328.jpg (123.57 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-1 15:04 upload 1393A252Y2940-cL2.jpg (109.26 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-1 15:04 upload 1393A252L5W0-L336.jpg (90.84 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-1 15:04 Asics GT2 upload, 00Vans OTW 2013 released 2013-12-08 Boot in autumn Bedford 23:24:46, although just entering the summer, but the major brands have been prepared for this fall. The Vans's high-end branch Vans OTW has released a pair of specially designed for the autumn; Bedford Boot shoes. The shoes are made of special grain texture, leather mixed with washed canvas material, double color laces and metal shoelace buckles, which adds to the autumn outdoor atmosphere for the shoes. It is reported that this shoe will be launched in July from the designated stores in the big Vans. Full Size 3 "True Blue Jordan Air GS 2016-10-26 15:05:33" classic reproduction Air Jordan with 3 "True Blue" comeback news exposure, the first year of double color will also be engraved with the debut next month, and a Air Jordan 3 "True Blue GS" will appear in front of us. It is reported that, as in "Nike Air" followed by the presentation of the red tongue lining, burst crack blessing classic, the first feature reduction. The shoes will be on sale in November 25th, and adult children will be sold at 160, 80 and 60, in addition to the adult price of $220. Friends who want to match a couple or a parent should pay attention to it!